Sink, Florida, Sink – a balada punk rock do Against Me!


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Sink, Florida, Sink é uma balada acústica, gravada em 2005, naquele estilo rascante e meio caótico característico das bandas do gênero punk-rock.

O grupo é Against Me!, formado em 1997 em Gainesville, Flórida. Seu primeiro álbum completo foi lançado em 2002 com o título Reinventing Axl Rose.

Against Me! Punk


Not one more word tonight
between here and there
We’ll put a distance the size of the ocean
so now this heart can beat a skipping rhythm
As the cadence carries me
I almost drift away
far enough to forget
but when it comes you cannot hesitate
and when found i will write
an account and seal it in an envelope
addressed to your last known residence

whoa – oh – oh – ah – ohhh
woah – oh – oh – ah – ohhhhh
woah – oh – oh – ohhhhhh

And we sink, and we drown
and what is lost can never be found
well these arms did swim,
until the lungs pulled in
panic was lost in a deep understanding
that you will see what is wrong with everything
what is wrong with you and me
they make all the right reasons to fuck it up
you’re gonna fuck it up

whoa – oh – oh – ah – ohhh
woah – oh – oh – ah – ohhhhh
woah – oh – oh – ohhhhhh

(That sounded pretty good to me)
(I thought it was pretty good)

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